Christmas camera not charging after first time

Just got birdvue for Christmas. Initial install and charge went great. Camera went dead after 2 weeks and no matter what will not charge. I have solar panel. I have brought it inside for hours and hours and hours.

I have the exact same issue identical.

I was able to use it fine. Battery ran out and brought it in to charge . Put it back out and only holds charge for about 5 minutes or less? What am I doing wrong ?

I too have the same problems. Very frustrating. I get no response from netvue.

I am having very same issue.

I’m having a similar problem. The USB-C port in the back does not seem to be working to charge the camera. I was able to get the battery charged by using the micro-USB port on top of the camera, using my own micro-USB cable. (I don’t have the solar panel)

I am having the same issue. I was able to charge the battery fine when I set it up, and once via portable battery pack outdoors, but now it drains the battery when I charge it. Any advice?

Same issue here. I’ve not gotten great support from customer service either. We’ve confirmed that it’s the right type of charger and tried the reset button and no luck. :frowning:


I just wanted it followup on this- has anyone been able to find a fix for it? Is it a known issue that netvue is addressing with certain devices?


Some issue and customer service is terrible. Also I have been told that when they finally do replace it, they send you only the camera that you have to install in the feeder. For the cost and it working for one week, that’s unacceptable. I’m so disappointed in this product. I really loved it for the week it worked.

Same issue. I have yet to contact customer service.

Same problem. I purchased because of the battery life claims and we were able to get only a week and now it won’t charge.

Same issue here. It was a Christmas gift. We set it up and it worked for about five days. When plugged in to charge it, the light turns green for a few seconds and then starts to blink red/orange and then turns off.

I was doing some research after not receiving my camera for over a month and absolutely no help from customer service and I remember reading somewhere there is a known issue with the solar panel but that the company is selling them anyway. Not sure if this helps anyone out but thought I would share.

Im having the exact same issue with ours. Battery died at somepoint and does not appear to be accepting any power input to charge either via wall or solar.

Light just shows orange. Attempting reset does nothing.

Just sent a message out to PetCam on Amazon where I got it to see about replacement.

Tried to use the micro usb on top. When plugged up it said “charging”. Left overnight to charge. Got about 10min of video today and empty battery symbol. I’m about done with this thing. Waste of 250.

Same problem. Battery died after 2 weeks & won’t charge. Tried two different cables and power blocks. Light blinks blue the blinks red twice and turns off.

Same issue, here. Cannot get it to charge. Does not even indicate that it is charging once plugged in.

I think I’ve found the problem. The port on the back of the feeder for the solar panel is not waterproof. The type of port the feeder uses is not for outdoor use and water intrusion damages the port and runs down to the battery and causes it to swell and no longer work. 2 things that I’ve done that have worked so far is to put a small bead of silicone caulk around the solar panel charging port. Also I’ve made sure the wire from the solar panel to the port runs upwards towards the feeder as to not let rain water run down the wire to the port. Hope this helps.

I submitted a case through Netvue support. After some back and forth and me trying some things like a camera reset, different cables, different power blocks, they have issued me a replacement camera. Hopefully they have fixed the problem that clearly exist.