Charging issues

Anyone having trouble with recharging their Birdfy? I’ve tried everything. Im usung the usb-c cable that it came with.

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I’ve tried different cables and chargers, (all known to be good).
I’ve reached out to netvue and have had sporadic replies. They suggested I reset the camera through the little hole on top. Did that, no help.
They suggested I try using amicro usb cable in the charge port on top of the camera. Tried that too, no help. I can’t get it to charge above 79%. I’m ready to call it quits as no real good support nor acknowledgement that the battery is faulty.
Good Luck!

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Good morning! I’m having the same issue. Does anyone know if there is a warranty?

We’ve been able to charge, but battery only lasts about a week. Is that common?

Same issue, here. Christmas gift, lasted almost 3 weeks. Now won’t charge above 6%.

Same issue with charging the camera. Will not charge through either charging port. The cameras are supposed to have a two year warranty. I’ve been in contact with support and just sent the camera back for replacement or repair.

Great…this gives me something to look forward to after weeks of trouble with the app, a broken strap after a week’s use and a non-existent customer support…I feel bad for my children who went together with their hard earned money to buy this gift for me for Christmas. Which I haven’t been able to enjoy….because, THEY FAIL TO TELL YOU, the battery Birdfy can’t subscribe to the AI…I couldn’t bare to tell my kids that…

Mine wouldn’t charge after the initial charge and the replaced the unit after I contacted customer support. Got the new unit in 7 days.

Mine wouldn’t charge AT ALL after the initial charge. This was a Christmas gift that I really enjoyed… until I tried to recharge it. I tried everything mentioned in the other posts. I’m returning it. We all liked the pictures so much; but, now I’ll have to search for a similar product that is reliable. So disappointed with this. It’s a big ZERO stars in my opinion.

There are 2 situations related to the charging problem, troubleshooting is below:
A. Camera works with the wall charger but no solar panel:
Please confirm whether the solar panel is well connected and can receive sufficient sunlight, and make sure the temperature range of the camera when charging is 0~40°. If it does not work, please use a wall charger to charge the camera first, then connect it to the solar panel after fully charging and continue to observe. We will replace the solar panel for you if nothing works.

B. Camera does not charge with a wall charger:

  1. If the Type-C port on the back cannot be charged, connect the camera’s top USB port directly to a wall charger and check if it can be charged normally.
  2. Please make sure the specification of the charger is 5V/1.5A or above, try to use another charger or cable.
  3. Pay attention to the status of the indicator light during charging. The status of the charging indicator light should be a constant yellow light, it will turn green when fully charged.
    If the indicator light is not on when charging, please push the P button next to the power button and pay attention to the camera’s status. If it can be restarted normally, charge the camera after restarting.
    If nothing works, please send en email to with your order information and shipping address, we will send you a new camera.


I’ve already sent all of my information, re eipt and serial number to you guys. I’ve been waiting weeks for you to take action.