Can't Update Birdfy Firmware to 0.6.4

My birdfy camera wouldn’t turn on when plugged into the solar panel. I was told to wait for the firmware update. Now my device is perpetually stuck at 0% on the firmware update or failing it outright. I was told to alter a file using a micro SD card, and after formatting one to do so, the only files on the SD are the videos from the feeder. Please advise.

Hi, there,
Really sorry for the inconvenience brought.
We will send you a new camera, an email will be sent to your email within 24 hours, kindly wait for the email, please.


Hi Anna - I received a file to load to the SD card and the update continues to fail. It has been 15 hours since your note and I have not yet received an email. Please advise.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
I checked our agent Rachel has replied to you via ticket number 363912.
Please kindly wait for the new camera.