Can Birdfy Lite be used without Wi-fi?

Hi I want to buy the feeder as a present for my father (Birdfy Lite + Solar).

However, the house where he would like to use the feeder is in a region without internet access. No Wi-Fi available for external internet. I understand that the cloud service and the AI require Wi-Fi to work, but I’m not interested in those features, as my father will not use them. My questions are:

  • Can you use the device without Wi-Fi internet connection and to what extent (for example setting the camera and checking the SSD personally)?

  • Can you use the device without the app?

  • Can you connect a phone with the app to the device and control the camera or download the pictures locally (via Bluetooth, WLAN…)?

Hi, there,

  1. Sorry to tell you that our camera needs to connect to wifi all the time.
  2. You need to set up your camera in Netvue APP, camera does not work without APP.
  3. If you have a wifi connection and set up the camera successfully in APP, you can download pictures locally to your phone album.