Camera buffering on Amazon Echo Show

Is cam wired to router?
Mate who installs seriously expensive cams is impressed with Netvue.
But there are big issues.
Zoom is dire. Recording is very buggy. And the cams need to be cables as 2.4ghz can’t handle the complete details. It required 4.8ghz from the start. These we purchased are just toys really!

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We have made some adjustments in terms of the buffering issue. There should be having some changes at this point. Could you please try again and see if anything changes?

Please feel free to reach out to us for any further questions. We are here to help!

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Same here on my Echo Show 8.
First it’s buffering for minutes then there ist a massive Delay. Maybe the Amazon servers are the problem. :man_shrugging:t2:
So Netvue doesn’t really work with Alexa.

Just think what you are asking to view on the show devices.
Wifi for camera.
It instantly streaming to netvue.
From netvue to amazon’s server.
From amazon to your device.
Lots of factors involved in this task.

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Other wifi battery operated cams work fine with their companion alexa skill, with just a little bit of buffering from time to time, however, the netvue skill doesn’t just buffer, the screen goes scrambled after a couple of minutes and becomes unviewable. The only way to view is to close it and reopen it again and again which makes it useless. My other camera system I’ve recently been using does not have these issues with their Alexa skill and it is 100% wireless. If Netvue resolves this issue I will buy more cameras, if not, I will be moving onto another system.

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Our team is currently optimizing Alexa playback, and there has been good progress.

Currently Alexa supports two protocols, one is RTSP and the other is WebRTC.
Since RTSP needs to be transferred by the server, and Alexa needs to buffer a large amount of data to play when playing RTSP, this is the reason for Buffering.

We plan to support the WebRTC protocol, which can enable P2P communication between the camera and the Alexa device.

In fact, we have already supported the WebRTC protocol on the Pro series models. Users who have purchased our Pro series products should feel that its Alexa connection speed and stability are better than those of Netvue’s previous products.

Due to hardware performance limitations, many devices cannot run WebRTC stably. We have been working hard to solve this problem in the past few months. We have made a lot of progress and believe that the Buffering problem will be solved soon.

I just bought the Echo Show 8 and it is constantly buffering my Netvue Cameras. I hate to send them all back. Is anything being done? I’ve confirmed it’s not my internet.

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Could you please provide your full device ID? Our development team will help you to check on this buffering issue.

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Hello, I have 3 new devices that I’m trying to use with the echo show. All of them buffer.




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Any update on my inquiry? The buffering never stops.

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We will release a new upgrade pretty soon to solve this buffering issue. Please feel free to check with us or our customer support team via for further assistance.

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Hello ,
I have the same issue like Beth.
My Echo show is very often buffering and stops showing the Video.
Are you still working on the issue?
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Same problem. I think no more buy camera Netvue


Thanks for your question.

With our latest firmware upgrade releasing, this issue should be fixed. If your device(s) is still encountering any issue like this. Please feel free to contact our customers support team for further assistance. You could easily reach them via or get instant messages on

Hope this helps.

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I have had the same issue since I bought the cameras a year or two ago. Incredibly annoying as they are otherwise tremendous value for money/work well with the Netvue app.

I’m using the Orb Cam on firmware 1606.

Given how severe this issue is, and that it impacts all cameras, it would be good if a mail shot is sent out to customers when the firmware that fixes this issue is released.

I’m getting the same thing!
I say: “Alexa, show me the North Camera.” and a perfect picture comes up on the screen, lasts a few seconds, then the screen says “Buffering…” and then the picture returns with 2/3 of the screen showing 2/3rds of the picture broken up into horizontal stripes!
Everybody I know is still having this same problem!
If we are still all having the same problem, how can you say it is fixed?

Same issue on my Orb Mini with firmware 1606, when do you think to solving?
It’s impossible to use

Hi friends,

We are so sorry to learn about this unexpected experience.

Could you please provide your full device ID? We will work with our development team to help with your device buffering issue.

Hope this will be helpful.

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my device ID is 2040502351201869

same issue
all running the latest firmware