Camera buffering on Amazon Echo Show

I’m looking for some help … using Netvue along with echo show 5 as baby monitor and having issues with buffering. Last 2 mins max then says buffering and freezes.

Can you please help?

Hey there, yes I am having the same problem. But this isn’t only on my Echo 5, this is an many Echo 8 as well.
It’s definitely not my Internet as I’ve seen. Different reviews were. The company would say that it’s. The Internet. Between the camera in my. 400 and something dollar. Router. I am getting 98%. 600 + mbps and 30 up internet connection ping is always perfect @ 10 ms My other cams are working fine with this. Echo. So it’s definitely either the skill. From netvue or the server but needs to be fixed

Is cam wired to router?
Mate who installs seriously expensive cams is impressed with Netvue.
But there are big issues.
Zoom is dire. Recording is very buggy. And the cams need to be cables as 2.4ghz can’t handle the complete details. It required 4.8ghz from the start. These we purchased are just toys really!

Hi Friends!

Thanks for your feedback.

We have made some adjustments in terms of the buffering issue. There should be having some changes at this point. Could you please try again and see if anything changes?

Please feel free to reach out to us for any further questions. We are here to help!

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