My Birdfy is only 6 months old - and the plastic clip to secure it to the mount broke. It is almost like the plastic is weathered already! Contacted support a week ago. After giving them more information than applying for a mortgage :tired_face: - they finally said that they would expedite the part to me. I’ve heard NOTHING from them since. I contacted them this morning via chat - simply asking the status on my part and gave them my ticket/claim#. No response… For a $300 bird feeder - I am extremely disappointed with the durability of it and the hassle of parts breaking already! It’s not even exposed to the weather fully. I can’t use the feeder, being I can’t safely mount it to the bracket. So, essentially I have a $300 paperweight right now. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hi, Christina,
Sorry for the late reply.
May I have your email address that you contacted our customer service? Sorry that I did not find any record by searching
We will solve the problem as soon as possible.