Bricked Birdfy?

A brand new Bidfy seems to have died, the only “response” I can get from it is when plugging it in to charge a combination of yellow/orange and a green light comes on after I hold the power button, which I assume is it charging. Eventually the light changes to solid green.

Everything started off fine, I got it on (blue light), connected to a phone and it told me it needed a firmware upgrade, which I said to do and left it. I came back ~15 minutes later and the Birdfy appeared to be off and has been ever since.

Things I’ve tried so far:
Held the power button repeatedly for up to 30 seconds - no response
Held the recessed reset button repeatedly for up to 30 seconds - no response
I deleted the Birdfy from the app to try and reconnect in some way, no use as it doesn’t turn on.
While charging (with orange light on) also held the recessed reset button,

I’m out of ideas now.
Is it possible to connect it to a PC through one of the ports and force an update? Or is this a return?


Hi, there,
Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
Please send an email to with your order information and shipping address including your name and phone number, we will replace the camera fro you as soon as possible.