Both Vigil cameras no longer work!

Both my cameras no longer work after realising they would not format card. But, then I found that they have no WiFi signal at all. What is wrong with these devices!

Vigil camera’s
All mobile devices.

Hi MrBee,

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Please try to unplug camera and re-insert SD card, then reconnect to power. It will work again.

If still have problem, please provide your device ID or contact us at APP live chat for fast reply.

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Works but only see 1 sec per 15 seconds. Too slow to watch. Usual problem of not being able to view it as it stutters all the time. This did not happen when first purchased.

Same as above but also no sd formatting!

Dear MrBee,

Our customer service agent already contact you and will help to solve this problem.

Thanks for the supporting.

Hi, MrBee.

To protect your privacy, I have hidden your device ID.


Not solved. Not useful cameras!
People should not buy trash.
Look good but firmware is horrific!

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Hi MrBee,

Our customer agent Kris sent you email via, we haven’t receive your reply yet.
Since SD card has a limited number of read and write times and life span, it is also influenced by different specifications and brands. When the life span is approaching, the write operation will become unstable and cause failure.

We suggest that you can change a new SD card. If still failed, our customer service agent will help you for replacement.

Best regards.

I had the same issue my sd cards keep getting ruined I replaced them in 4 cameras and they only last about a month and I used different brand of sd cards to see if that was an issue and they all still stopped working I believe it’s a firmware issue on netvues end

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Makes a lot of sense. Firmware update s tend to be thick and fast. This will of course cause issues for any memory.

All cards you purchase are likely to be on a lifetime guarantee, especially with the leader brand. I have most of my cards from them. But saying that the issue is legally with Netvue. Then they legally have to replace all SD cards that fail. You cannot blame manufacturer for abuse of the SD cards which over frequent firmware updates would cause. Especially if that update causes overheating. These cameras are very hot running. I’m surprised they don’t overheat in the summer or actually do they and that’s why the cards fail.

Well we are just Guinea pigs for this company.

I too, had major problems with my Vigil cameras and their memory cards late last year.
I eventually traced down the cause of the problem. It was the access cover dislodging the card as the cover was refitted!
Close examination of the cover revealed that there was a tiny bit of the moulding material (sprue) in the channel along the edge of the cover and this was pressing on the card as the cover was being refitted and causing it to self release in the slot!

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I don’t know if anyone has thought of this but, if motion detection is switched on and it has filled the card :rage: I’m thinking the card is overloaded. Therefore card is unable to format. It’s an educated guess but of no use now as SD card has :honeybee:n returned to manufacturer.

When trying to fit new card, the cameras could not be updated to new router SSID. They simply refused. Wish that could be changed :persevere: to easier option.

How do you send the sd cards back to the manufacturer? I have a few that no longer work. And will they exchange them ?

Have you the receipt? Amazon keep receipts on account.
Register the cards with manufacturers.

I personally only buy the famous one.
That company will replace all cards that have lifetime guarantee as long as it’s not damaged in any form.

Lifetime guarantee is the maximum amount of reads and writes not the human lifetime.

If the card has exceeded reads and writes the manufacturer does not have to replace. It is all up to them.

**Just to point out guys. **

You must insert card when the cam is off. Failure to do this will burn card CPU and life will be very short!

Especially for you as you end up here! :rofl:

Their cameras have been nothing but problems, lost 2 power cords and constantly have to break out the ladder the reseat the SD cards