Birdify update issues

I am having two issues - one, despite following all instruction given to me by email customer support, I am unable to upgrade the firmware to 0.7.1 from 0.1.3.

That may be what is leading to my second problem, the camera going offline despite the solar charger. Now, I will admit the sun was not super strong this week in Idaho, but it should have been enough.

We set up our Birdfy after Christmas and are having the same issue - after multiple attempts, we are unable to download the firmware update.

Here are the instructions I received:

Please reinstall the app for this issue. Before trying to update again, reset the camera first. Press and hold the reset hole for 15 seconds. The reset hole is right next to the power button. Then reboot the camera. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn it off, then press and hold again to turn on. Then try updating it after.

I did all the steps and it did start updating but then failed again. I tried a few more times to no avail. I recorded it all and then emailed to request a replacement.

Give it a shot and if it doesn’t work, proceed like I did.

Not sure about you ,but I keep trying scan the back of the camera then I read the instructions.
Good luck