Birdify Notification Enhancements

Hey there,

I’m really enjoying my Birdify, and have some suggestions for improving the notifications. Getting 10x notifications each time the same robin arrives is fun at first but you end up ignoring them after a while. It would be great to have more intelligent alerts. For example:

  • ability to set hourly, daily summary alerts.
  • weekly digest email of birds seen e.g. 10 robins and 5 blackbirds.
  • review alert summaries in the app over different time periods.

Would also be great to know whether any of this is already on the roadmap.



Brilliant idea.

This would be a game changing. How is this not a feature?!

The notifications need to come post processing of the AI Recognition.

Then you can have a setting to ignore X Birdie and notify for everything else.


Hi, there,
Thank you so much for your advice!
We will forward these wonderful advice to our engineers, and hope it will come true in the future!


This would be amazing. I created an account to request filtering out certain bird types but your idea is even better!

Any idea when this will be implemented? Do you guys have a Roadmap of features coming out this year?

I agree! I have a 2 minute video of me scrolling through the approximately 180 notifications I got yesterday by 7PM (more after). I actually cancelled the AI identify today because I am getting two notifications for each bird so 360 notifications in a 12 hr period. I am incredibly lucky to have a huge and diverse bird population in my yard, but I am missing notifications from texts etc because I am getting so many notifications, often minutes apart for the same bird just hanging out.