Birdfy works for a while then loses connection

I just received a Birdfy Cam as a gift and set it up yesterday.

It seems to lose its connectivity after several minutes. It works great for a little while and then my app can’t seem to connect to it anymore. It always had a “strong” signal when I set it up, but it just never lasts. I have reset it and restarted and re-added a few times, and left it close to the wifi access point to make sure it really had a solid connection at all times, but it still would not stay connected.

It feels like a hardware failure, but wondering if there is anything else I should be trying.

I am using the iPhone App, and we have an Eero 6 Pro mesh wifi connected to Verizon Fios 1gig internet.

Any suggestions or do I need to work on an exchange?

Thanks for your help


Hi, there,
Sorry for the late reply.
Are you referring to the camera going offline many times?
Please turn off the camera by pressing the power button for 3 seconds and then turn it on again . The camera will reconnect automatically. If it does not work, try to push the reboot hole next to the power button with a pin to hard reset your camera

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I had the same problem. You may need to move the feeder closer to your wifi source or move the wifi source closer to your feeder. I moved my wifi router 10’ closer the the feeder and that was all it took. Unit is working great and reliably now.

I have the same problem, and my router is within 20 ft of the feeder. camera reports strong wifi and online, but it just stops streaming randomly at least once a day. it needs to be power cycled to recover.

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