Birdfy talks to me?

Whenever I was towards the Birdfy unit a voice from it says “Please us the app to format the SD Card”. It does the same for my wife. The unit itself (and the app ) work very nicely (thanks) in capturing bird images, AI, etc. Neither of us wear tin hats or have been abducted for the record. Can someone explain this ?

Have you only recently got your feeder? When i first got mine it also said this. If you open the app and look in settings, there should be a section that says format SD card. Select this and let it do its thing. Then it should stop shouting at you! Hope this helps

Thank you for the response. We have had the feeder for a good few months; however your suggestion to check on the app was a good one. The Netvue+ app reports the disk as being “abnormal”, Netvue app says format is “improper”. Either way, I assume the SD card somehow got corrupted (or maybe full ??). It had previously (ie when I last checked a while) shown the SD card status was OK. And of course we can look at clips OK since I assume they are in the cloud. In retrospect. Thank you for helping to clear up the mysterious voice :slight_smile:

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