Birdfy- Sharing videos to iPhone

How do I share or download videos to my iPhone. The Sharing button just shows “admin info” and allows me to share the camera with a friend, not the videos.

How do I download videos to my phone’s photo album?

There are no other sharing buttons in the IOS app.

Is there supposed to be a button on this screen?

Hello, I don’t have the same problem. On my android I have a download button and a share button. (Screenshot attached I think). However, even with these functions I can’t share my videos. There is an option in the app to share directly to Instagram stories and although I can preview the video in Instagram, I get an “upload error” when I attempt to submit. I also can’t send videos via text and get the error “message not sent: couldn’t resize video”. These errors occur even if I download the videos first.

If you do end up getting to download/share from your phone, I’d love to if you can effectively do so!

Interface takes getting used to… Click on the notifications bell in your camera device view… videos should load, click on one, should be a download or share icon on the bottom… share icon is what you want.