Birdfy Feeder Solar Panel Install - No Holder

The instructions show installation with the universal silicon holder, but I did not receive one. I bought a separate solar panel and it only comes with a wall mount. I need to mount on a pole.

I saw an unboxing video with the solar panel included with the Birdfy feeder, but it didn’t have the holder either. They screwed it into a tree.

How do I get this holder? Else, is there a recommended adjustable pole mount? I saw a nice one online for Ring solar panels, but not sure it has the same screw size.



I found a better option that works well to hold the solar panel on a pole.

Holicfun Universal Solar Panel Pole Mount for Ring, Eufy, Arlo, Wyze, Reolink Solar Panels and More, No Drilling Required, Extended Mounting Arm, Multi-Angle Adjustable (White)

Nice suggestion, but why in the world should we have to pay 20.00 for something that was supposed to come with the camera in the first place?

They told me it doesn’t unless you order with the solar panel. I got as a gift without that SKU. If you buy the panel alone, it only comes with a wall mount. The benefit in the end us a much better and solid pole mount, so all is good.

Got it. Thanks for the reply, Brian. :slight_smile:

I got the baby monitor holder for cribs at Amazon. Works great

Yea I bought the full bundle and it was missing the silicon universal holder too.

Well, they sent me one, but I had already mounted the panel. If you ask, they’ll send one.

This works great. I got this mount.