Birdfy feeder mounting capabilities

Hello - I purchased my Birdfy Camera feeder and love it - however, is there a way to set it up on a pole so I can add a baffle to deter squirrels and raccoons - right now it’s on the pillar of my front porch and I don’t want to move it to a tree - thank you

I’m interested in the same thing. None of the built in deterrents work for long. Those cheeky squirrels figure out nothing happens after the noise.

I ordered a pole and baffle from Amazon and it’s working great. My feeder came with a set of mounting straps for a pole.

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Can you send photos please - thank you

Here it is. It has sharp prongs at the bottom of the pole that go into the ground. It’s very sturdy and was easy to put up. I ordered the pole and baffle separately. I don’t even have it all the way in the ground and it has stayed out really well. Was thinking about moving it, so I didn’t want to completely finish putting the prongs in the ground. It has had lots of activity from the birds, and so far no squirrels.

Can you send photo(s) of how the feeder is mounted to the pole on the back please - thank you

My husband did me one better - he used one of the BB nesting box mounting brackets - works perfect!!!

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Can you provide a better description or sku of the pole that you ordered? Amazon has many to choose from. Thanks.

Garbuildman 105 Inch Bird Feeder…

Garbuildman Squirrel Baffle for…

Hello :slight_smile: Could you please share which specific nesting box mounting bracket you used? Do you have a link to the product? Thank you either way!

Thank you. This is very helpful. I am also wondering where the solar panel gets attached?