Birdfy - Auto alarm to sound if certain bird(s) detected

Hi there,
I’m having great fun with this so far.
One thing I have a problem is with Pigeons – they are quite greedy and eat most of the food and the smaller birds don’t eat so much.
I have noticed that if I sound the alarm when a pigeon is there - it flys away straight away.
I understand you can set the alarm to automatically sound when there is motion detected BUT – I really would like it only to make a sound if it is a bird that I do not want to be taking the food (i.e. pigeon / seagull, a few other names are shown when pigeon is detected).
It would be great in the alarm sounding - it would only happen if there was a specific type (or types) of bird it could be set for.
This idea could also be perhaps useful for other types of animals for other cameras with alarms.
Thank you and keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Gene, thanks for your suggestion.
Our engineers will discuss several possible implementations and required development time next week, and we will get back to you after the discussion. Birdfy has many new and interesting functions being developed or prepared to be developed in the future. It is a typical software-defined hardware function product, and many functions can be implemented through online upgrade (OTA). At present, our camera products have the most cloud service functions in the global market (including basic cloud storage services, multiple artificial intelligence cloud services, artificial intelligence skills market, etc.). You are welcome to give us more suggestions for product function requirements