Birdfy and OrbCam to be available in PC browser?

Hi there.
I noticed that at you can login and view some of the NetVue cameras (like my Sentry one) but not the Birdfy or Orb Cams - it says ‘this device doesn’t support to play from web currently’.

Is this something that is going to be worked on please? It would really be excellent if we could watch them and download videos from a browser on a PC.

Please let me know. My Dad would like to get one but he doesn’t have a tablet or smart phone and doesn’t really want to get one but would get a Birdfy if it was viewable on a PC and I’m sure others would love that option too.

Thank you in advance and thanks for all your continued improvements :slight_smile:

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Hi, Gene,
Below cameras support web play via

  1. 3m(3 million pixels) cameras:Sentry pro,orb pro,vigil pro: “4048”, “4059”, “4049”, “4058”, “4036”, “4069”
  2. sentry 2 cameras with device ID start with “2048” and “4064”
  3. floodlight 2:“4052”, “7261”
  4. orb mini:“2040”, “4047”, “2047”, “7032”, “7234”
    We are not sure when the birdfy camera will be able to be viewed on PC, we are still working on it.


Thank you for your kind reply. Can you please also let me know if they are going to add the Netvue indoor camera with 360 degree rotation pan/tilt /zoom one will also be added? And the still one listed as [Home Security Camera 1080P] on Amazon UK?

Thank you very much in advance,

Sorry, I am not sure which camera you are referring to. Would you mind sending me a picture of the camera? We are working on other cameras already.


Hello again,

I am referring to the following other cameras. These ones show ‘not currently supported on web’

Screenshot 2022-09-15 13.56.12
Screenshot 2022-09-15 13.57.00

Thank you :slight_smile:

Install BlueStacks on the PC and run it on that.

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Thank you Johng - just found it and just getting used to it (all the Bluestacks options around the edge of the window - but basically getting used to it quickly). It took a while to install on a slower PC but once done it is pretty good and I like the way it created a shortcut on the desktop straight to the NetVue app within Bluestacks. This was mainly for my Dad to use so it’s great that he can just use the desktop icon to launch it now :slight_smile:
It would still be handy to have them work in the browser version - for example if away and unable to install new software on someone elses computer - but this is a brilliant work-around for now and so far impressed! Thanks very much again :slight_smile:

Hi, Gene,
We are working on the first camera( orb camera) but the second one is not on our list now cause we don’t sell this camera anymore.
Thank you for understanding!


OK thank you - so long as it keeps working on the App then I will continue to use the Blue Stacks to emulate an android device as that seems to work very well :slight_smile: