Bird identification

Bird identification is not working. I installed, subscribed, and viewed. Great footage but not getting any identification. Not sure if this is operator error or equipment error, ease help.


I just paid $49 dollars for the whole year and my bird recognition does not work at all. Did you find out how to get it working ?


Could you check if you could see these notifications in the APP by pressing the bell button below? There are 2 different situations.

Situation A:If the notification page is empty. Please go to camera’s setting, turn off motion detection, turn it on again and adjust the sensitivity to high.

Situation B: If motion is detected, please click the events that detected bird and mark it as AI in the upper left corner, you will get a short video. Below the short video, there should be some pictures . Select them and you will find information about the birds.

I have a seven day trial. Today, the person who mows my grass (wearing a blue shirt) was identified as an Eastern Bluebird. An American Robin was a “common grackle.” A Carolina Wren was a “European Robin.” A cardinal was the only bird identified correctly.

Sorry for that.
Would you mind sharing those pictures with me? I will forward them to our engineers, it helps us to improve the AI skill.