Bad customer service

Chat Transcript with Visitor 1650574185

Chat started on 21 Apr 2022, 08:50 PM (GMT+0)
(08:50:16) **** Visitor 1650574185 joined the chat ****
(08:50:16) Visitor 1650574185
(08:50:23) Customer Service
Thanks for your message, please wait a moment while our agents attend to you.
(08:51:21) Visitor 1650574185
I am still waiting for email that my replacement camera to be shipped
(08:51:48) Customer Service
We apologize for keeping you waiting. Our customer service agents are busy at the moment, please leave us a message with your email address and device problem. We’ll get back to you shortly.
(08:52:05) Visitor 1650574185
I will wait
(08:52:13) **** Lawrence Customer Service Agent joined the chat ****
(08:53:11) Lawrence Customer Service Agent
replacement process is around 5-7 business days
(08:54:32) Visitor 1650574185
is that shipping time
(08:55:04) Lawrence Customer Service Agent
It’s included
(08:55:34) Visitor 1650574185
so I should get it in about 5 days
(08:56:15) Visitor 1650574185
you don’t know if it shipped yet do you
(08:56:37) Visitor 1650574185
do you have a tracking number
(08:56:42) Lawrence Customer Service Agent
I do not know. RMA team will email you once it’s shipped
(08:57:44) Visitor 1650574185
so is that what takes 5 - 7 days
(08:57:56) Lawrence Customer Service Agent
(08:58:10) Visitor 1650574185
then it ship’s
(08:58:42) Lawrence Customer Service Agent
(08:59:05) Visitor 1650574185
that’s a long time
(08:59:56) Lawrence Customer Service Agent
I understand. But that is the process for replacements. Sorry for the inconvenience.
(09:00:20) Visitor 1650574185
not good
(09:01:23) Visitor 1650574185
not happy with service
(09:02:11) Visitor 1650574185
can I talk to a manager
(09:02:16) Lawrence Customer Service Agent
That is the process, unfortunately.
(09:03:15) Lawrence Customer Service Agent
We have no managers on chat.
(09:03:42) **Visitor
can I call one
(09:04:06) Lawrence Customer Service Agent
They only do email. I will tell them to send you an email.
boy your service is not good at all
I will go on you site and post this transcript
(09:06:48) Lawrence Customer Service Agent
Please wait for an email from our supervisor. I already asked for a follow up.
very poor service
(09:11:31) Lawrence Customer Service Agent
I understand if that is your decision, however, this is the usual process for replacements for now. All our customers goes through the same process. This is mainly because of the pandemic we are experiencing, that’s why shipments are affected.
the pandemic is over stop using that saying. you should have live people
thanks for your time your only doing you job

Dear customer,

Sorry for your unhappy experience.

It takes time for processing replacement, I’ve checked for you and your package was shipped on April 21, you will receive it soon probably. Here’s your checking number: TBA069886572704.
If you have any question about our camera, please feel free to ask.

Kind regards,