Audio out of sync?

Hey, I got my new Birdfy camera! I like it. Am concerned about the audio I get from my birds. Like I had a Tufted Titmouse at the feeder, and there he was, hammering the seed. But the audio and visuals were out of sync… I think the audio preceded and the video was late.
The audio might end before the video does, too. Any ideas as to what may be going on and/or how to fix it?

Hi, Hawkey,
Sorry for the late reply.
If this issue remains, kindly try to turn off the camera by long pressing the power button for 3 seconds and turning it on one more time.
If it does not fix it, try to log out of your Netvue account, killing the APP process.


Thank you Anna!
Might I ask, what is the APP process?
Thanks again.

Hi, there,
Sorry for the late reply.
I mean end the background process of Netvue APP.