App update 5.16.0 problems

When viewing a motion with the new app update the viewer defaults to cloud instead of SD. If you switch to SD, the timeline is set to the current time instead of the motion time and you have to scroll back to view the motion event. This happens every time you view a motion event. Tried on 2 Android devices, same problem.


Same here, switches to Cloud. Is this there way of making us pay for cloud service? If so just purchased 2 replacement cameras and I will return them


Also having same problem going to cloud and not SD card. Hope this is fixed quickly.
Firmware 1545


i have the same problem, the setting goes on the Cloud instead of the SD card. Other issue is that if the tablet is in horizontal position, the 2 tabs ( Cloud - SD card ) are not visible, i have to move the tablet in vertical position to make my chose.
I hope they will soon find a solution. i have 5 cameras at home and in my shop.

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Me too, looks like an app bug.

Hi Friends,

Thanks so much for all of your feedback.

Our development team have been working on this. This issue should be fixed pretty soon. Thanks again for your patience and kind support.

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Anche io ho lo stesso problema. Quando la telecamera rileva un movimento, il sistema invece di far vedere la registrazione, commuta su Cloud. Spero che risolviate il problema, altrimenti restituirò le telecamere.

It is working OK now with app rev 5.16.1.

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