App shuts down after a few seconds of opening

As of a few days ago, I noticed the app shuts down a few seconds after it’s opened. It also doesn’t display the last image on the app when switching to a different camera.

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You use an android? Sounds like your might be using a phone with Android 12 os installed.

I have an Android version 9. Samsung Note 8.
I haven’t had any software updates to my phone in several months. I think it’s the latest update within the app.

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I too have experienced the exact same faults recently. I am using a Samsung galaxy C9 PRO phone with Android 8 installed.

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I’m having the same issue! I got told, to flow a link, via a chat with Netveu… I installed 5.21.5 & it’s still the same, I can wat h the cctv cam, for 5 seconds or sometimes say 20 seconds, then it switches back to tje msin screen, or the actual app stops!

This is totally, unacceptable for a security camera! It happens, during playback also!

Please Netveu, sort it out! I’ve cleared cache, I’ve reset the camera etc… Nothing stops it, from happening!

I’m using a Samsung S8 using, Android 9!