App not showing AI pics or ID of bird anymore

I just installed my Birdfy camera/feeder this week. It’s been working great and yesterday was showing the video, AI pics, and ID of birds showing up at the feeder. Today I am receiving the video but no AI pics and no bird identification. Not sure what happened between yesterday and today.

I am having the same issue with birds being identified. It looks like on the edges it is trying to process but I don’t get any recognition

I am having same problem. Identification was working fine before but now nothing shows…also unable to format sd card. Not sure those are related

Hi, there,
Sorry for the late reply.
Our engineer has fixed this issue. The AI feature should be working now.


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Do we need to update app for it to work? I also am having issues where it’s not recognizing the birds.

My camera is taking motion pictures but when i go to view pictures all i get is a blank image