App 5.21.2 freezing

I am using Android 11 and app 5.21.2 all camera’s have firmware 1634
As of today whey I open the app and select a camera the app freezes I have tried restarting the phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app,
I have another phone using Android 10 with the same app 5.21.2 and it works fine.
Any ideas?

This is typical with Netvue app updates. There’s always something wrong, something they miss or they’re just not considering future OS versions. I suggest clearing Chrome cache ( if you use it) or clearing Android System Webview cache, then restarting your phone. If no joy, wait until they fix it or you can text Support. Don’t send an email. It’s useless. All you’ll get is a canned response. Good Luck!

Essayez tout d’abord de faire une mise à jour de l’application. Si tout est OK :
Videz le cache Google
Arrêtez et redémarrez le téléphone.