An idea for the NetVue Cameras Application on Phones / Tablets

Add this feature: When you leave your cameras/house/apartment/ or wherever they are set up; have an option to toggle notifications like the motion detection that would allow the user to instantly activate all cameras and toggle them back to normal mode when back home.

that’s just a suggestion; Also Pets option should be a free option … During the night time I always have my cats walking around and my phone in the middle of the day has many different notifications from the application and its just my cat getting some water or food from their bowl or walking in the bed room and jumping on the bed … or maybe going to the bathroom. … lol

could not log into my main account forgot my password not my main account!

What I mean by Pet option meaning when you turn on motion dectection mode you must pay for no notifications from your smart made software! just an idea.

Bump: I bought two more cameras for Presents for XMAS for People in my Neighborhood! :slight_smile:

This Camera has such high quality and Great features in the application.

I still think that the Pet modifier should be FREE Reason said I get 100 notifications by the time I wake up in the morning due to my cats walking around all night in the living room or bedroom living in a 1 bedroom apartment.