AI recognizing birdseed as “humans”

I just signed up for one of the protect plans because I only wanted notifications for certain things like birds, people, and animals, and not just general motion. The camera keeps thinking that the birdseed is a human which is baffling for a company that specifically makes a bird feeder camera where birdseed would always be in view. Could someone from the development team look into this please? Especially since it’s a paid add on service. Thank you!

Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
I have forwarded the issue to our engineers, they will figure it out as soon as possible.


The part it’s pinging on does somewhat look like a person wearing robes. I’ve had similar issues though, my hair, an open top of a metal barrel, some weeds, a pile of ash and rubbish from a fire, and a piece of tin roofing all identify as Pets. It’s… it feels like I’m being subtly insulted by my own defenses.