AI bird detection

Just bought the bird feeder and set up. We have had a few birds but the AI option is not available. We signed up and are paying the $4.99 a month. Please help

Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
Could you check if you could see these notifications in the APP by pressing the bell button below? There are 2 different situations.

Situation A:If the notification page is empty. Please go to camera’s setting, turn off motion detection, turn it on again and adjust the sensitivity to high.

Situation B: If motion is detected, please click the events that detected bird and mark it as AI in the upper left corner, you will get a short video. Below the short video, there should be some pictures . Select them and you will find information about the birds.

If nothing works, please contact our customer service via live chat or email in Netvue APP, our agent will help you to fix the problem.


I have the Same issue, customer service has been no help. I prepaid for a year of AI bird detection. They said they had escalated my case 2 times and neither time has customer service got back to me.

May I have your email address that contacted us? Sorry I only found the record that you shared your mom loved Blue Jay’s.