Adverts, appearing and interrupting work

Get rid of these unwanted adverts‼️
When you click on, see these less frequently, there is a message at the bottom, Netvue will make your experience better.
Is this intended as a lie or a joke.
Seeking legal advice over these unwanted unwarranted and unnecessary adverts.

Hi friend,

Thanks so much for your product feedback. We will take this into consideration for our future product design.

We seldom use this feature since to care about your experience. However, with our latest product launch, we thought it might be necessary to let our previous users know about the new products so we tested the ads feature.

Here is the quick solution for this - please click on the “x” sign on the banner ad to close it out if you decide to not see it anymore.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team

Clicking on the ‘X’ as suggested did nothing, as I and many others found out.
Once again Netvue not working.

Hi Peter,

We appreciate your feedback.

The “x” is supposed to work. If it didn’t work, it would be great if you could provide us with some screenshots so our development team can help to investigate it.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team

Hi, Netvue Marketing Team :wave:

I find it extremely difficult to take a screenshot of something that isn’t there, anymore.
If you could advise of a Retrograde or Timeshift App, I could maybe go back to when the unwanted adds were appearing and take a screenshot :ok_hand:
So looking forward to your instructions and advice. :grin:

Kindest seasonal regards, Pete.

Sick and tired of adverts appearing in the app. You close on one device, they are still there in another and it’s starting to affect my mental health