Ads on Netvue App?

I, for one, am not to thrilled about the “Best for Today” ad banner cluttering up the My Devices page. I use Netvue cameras and the app for security, not to go shopping. Thanks.


I agree! This is extremely ANNOYING!
If these advertisements continue on the Netvue app everytime I want to view my camera, then the next time I want to purchase more security cameras I will NOT consider Netvue.
Please REMOVE these ads!

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Actually, the Zmodo product looks pretty tempting at this point. Netvue was good when I first started with them but with all the software upgrades and associated bugs, not so much anymore. And then there’s the lack of customer support…

Hi friend,

Thanks so much for your product feedback. We will take this into consideration for our future product design.

We seldom use this feature since to care about your experience. However, with our latest product launch, we thought it might be necessary to let our previous users know about the new products so we tested the ads feature.

Here is the quick solution for this - please click on the “x” sign on the banner ad to close it out if you decide to not see it anymore.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team