Addition of time length in Motion detection index

I have been going through the Motion detection page list on the app to review the recordings (mainly on my Birdfy but also on other Netvue cameras).
It is quite frustrating to go through and click on the video to see that it’s only 4 seconds long (and not much to see). I have my recording length set to ‘automatic’ so that it only records whilst there is motion going on - and that is great - but it would be a great time-saving thing if on the index/list of motion recordings in the app that next to he Date/Time it also showed (even approximately) how long (in minutes:seconds) the recording is.

This will make it quicker to find the best videos to watch and share :slight_smile:

Thank you for listening and keep up the great work of improving your great products even further :slight_smile:



Good Luck getting someone to respond to you, Gene. I am seroiusly considering dropping this sidewalk act mainly because I cant get anyone to respond to my ?'s.

Bonjour à tous,

J’ai sensiblement le même problème. La caméra ne film pas en vidéo mais des arrêt sur images inintéressante ou presque. Lorsque je la positionne sur un témoin lumineux d’un appareil pour Control et son fonctionnement ok, ça marche. Le congélateur et fixe , la lumière témoin du congé est fixe ok.

Mais quand ma caméra est destinée à une surveillance de mouvement pour des personnes, j’obtiens des images fixes en retard des déplacements, reconnaissant rarement les visages si elle sont en mouvement.

Je suis complètement déçu de ce matériel et le pire c’est que j’en ai fait acheter à une amie.

Bon courage à vous

Hi Gene,

Thanks for sharing your product feedback.

The limitation for motion recorded video is up to 24 seconds in the technology setting. However, the basic logic of recording the video is that when motion happens, it will trigger the PIR motion detector, on the camera, to start record the motion. In order to capture longer motion video, the motion needs to be stable for a certain amount of time.

We all know that the way bird flying is not a stable lasting motion. That’s why you received 4s motions.

We will take this as a improvement angle for our future product development. Please feel free to share with us any further feedbacks.

Hope this helps.

Netvue Marketing Team

Hi friend!

So sorry if we have missed your message.

Please feel free to let us know how we can help!

Netvue Marketing Team

Hello again,
Sorry - it appears my request was not very clear … I am not complaining about how long the motion recording is … 4 seconds is fine … what I mean is that when I look at the list of recordings on my phone …

The list looks something like this …

=O Today 11:50:01 or
=AI Today 11:29:02
and then the first frame of the video underneath …

What I would like is that it shows something like this

=O Today 11:50:01 — 00:19 (indicating a 19 second video) or
=AI Today 11:29:02 — 01:25 (indicating a 1 minute + 25 second video)

(and then the first frame of the video underneath as it is now… )

Where the 00:19 shown after the time is the duration / length of the recorded video (minutes:seconds) …

This way - I can quickly see the shorter / longer video recordings. I prefer to share the slightly longer recordings as they are generally more interesting.

Another alternative would be to have a filter of ‘duration/length’ of the video but I think there is enough room to put the duration next to the time.

I hope that makes sense now :slight_smile:

Thank you for listening :slight_smile: