Absolute garbage - now doesn't work on IOS?

From the day I bought these cameras, one of them has never been able to load an SD card - the same card that works perfectly well in my other camera. Tried emailing support and over and over was told that they’d get back to me - they never did.

So we signed up for the cloud service. Now, all of a sudden, when we try viewing the recorded clips in the cloud, it pops up saying the cloud service is no longer available for iOS?

We’ll be cancelling the service. Honestly regret ever buying anything from this company.

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Oh, and just to add insult… when you try viewing the cloud service in IOS, and it pops up telling you that it no longer works in IOS, it states that it’ll send you an email about the issue…

The email is a f***ing advertisement for the cloud service.

I agree, this system has been nothin but a sham… total garbage and I have experienced the “customer service” also… they never accept responsibility for their garbage products and insist you just spend more money. I recommend Blink camera system. Hope you find something better!

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Agree! Customer service is terrible. One rep says one thing, another rep says something totally different. Too bad. My cameras work fine, but the cloud service sucks hard. I will NEVER recommend these cameras to anyone due to the fact Customer Service is useless, and you can only connect 1 camera to human detection which I hear doesn’t work either.

We looked at Blink, the only drawback was that they don’t appear to have any cameras that pan. One of the main reasons we got the cameras was to keep an eye on our dogs, and the ability to pan around the room is very useful for that. It’s one of the few things we still like about these NetVue cameras.