About the # Caught on Netvue

Share what you’ve # CaughtOnNetvue and to be featured!

While we have gathered hundreds of thousands of Netvue members, We have received various types of videos from you: cute pets, wild animals, funny moments, daily life, sometimes even theft and crime.

It is these vivid videos that make us proud of our work and more convinced that we must keep making products to protect your families and provide more perspectives on a better life.

We invite you to share your moments that captured by Netvue cameras. Treat us as friends and share your experience. We are always here, listening, improving, and giving back.

  1. All legal videos are welcome.

  2. From time to time, we will reward users who have a lot of likes with coupons or gift products

*By uploading a video, you agree that your video will be posted to Netvue app, youtube channel, etc.

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