3D PrintedAnti Pigeon Solution

I made a “pigeon guard” for the Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam.
Since the pigeons always ate the entire bird feed in the shortest time and so nothing was left for the smaller birds, I have developed this solution.
The protection consists in the front of three different sized arches that prevent pigeons from landing and sturdy side walls that prevent flying in from the side. The front element replaces the supplied bird perch, the side walls are each attached to the side wall of the birdhouse by means of two clips.
Smaller birds can easily pass through the smallest of the arches and thus reach the food.
The concept has been tested and works. So far, the pigeons have not managed to get food.
Enjoy :grinning:

Brilliant idea. You should make these to order and sell on eBay. I’d buy one.