1585 firmware keeps failing

It’s happened again, this morning I cannot view motion detections.
I have to reformat the SD card, losing all footage, then start again.
Other days it says No SD Card, sometimes turning the power off then back on works.
Other times I have to delete the camera then re-install and start over again.
Firmware 1585.

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your feedback.

Here is what we usually recommend to deal with SD card issue. Please read through and follow the instruction carefully. If your device issue keeps happening, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team either via email support@netvue.com or instant chat on netvue.com.

Since SD card has a limited number of read and write times and lifespan, it is also influenced by different specifications and brands. When the lifespan is approaching, the write operation will become unstable and cause failure.

At present, the commonly used storage particle of SD card is TLC, and its theoretical maximum writing life is (500-1000).

Here are common storage size corresponds to the theoretical maximum recording time:

  1. APP shows " No data at this time" when you replay recordings.

Reason: 1. New card, there is not enough recording content yet.

Solution: Retry after 10 minutes.

Reason: 2. SD card is not recording

Solution: Check whether there is free space on the SD card, please format the card.

  1. Skipping during SD card playback.

Reason: SD card has been used for a long time (close to the write lifespan), resulting in a sharp drop in writing speed.

Solution: Change a new SD card

  1. No SD card

Solution: Power reboot the camera by unplugging and reconnect, if you are not home, try to restart the camera on APP., change a new SD card if either is not working.

  1. Format failed/Mount failure

Solution: Reboot the camera by unplugging and reconnect, if it always fails, please change a new card

Netvue Marketing Team

Peter I have upgraded to Kingston 64gb cards and the issues have gone away.


I recently purchased:

SanDisk Extreme 64 GB microSDXC Memory Card A2 App Performance + Rescue Pro Deluxe, Up to 160 MB/s, Class 10, UHS-I, U3, V30.

And have been running these, and touch wood, they seem ok.
The cameras randomly go offline as usual but at least I’m not having to reformat the disc.

But NOT the 128gb Netvue state they support.

At the moment a happy chappy.